Due to the help of chip customizing we can gain a noticeable improvement of power. All petrol- and diesel-powered cars can be improved. Without changing mechanical parts of the motor a chip can improve the power and the efficiency.

 Together with our partner we are able to realize high-performance solutions.

What is chip tuning?
When chiptuning the software in the engine control unit gets optimized. Here are various parameters e.g. Amount of fuel, ignition timing, charge pressure ect. optimized.

The result:
For engines with turbocharger a performance increase between 15% and 35%, and a significantly greater torque after chiptuning is the rule. Under normal vacuum cleaner motors, the increase in performance is at about 5-10%. This will enormously improve the acceleration and torque.
The fuel economy under normal driving will much better!

Diesel and Gasoline.
With chiptuning we improve your fuel economy, despite improved performance. Allcartuning for a simple implementation. We reprogram the chip in the original engine control unit so that the increased torque of the engine gives you the option to permanently save fuel. Our remapping of chiptuning is one of the best in cars, trucks and tractors.
Whether petrol or diesel-tuning. Our OBD tuning is flashed with the latest methods in the controller. Bring your BMW, your Audi or another vehicle passing let us convince you.


Why isn't the car chip-tuned by the manufacturer?
The manufacturer designed a vehicle for the global market. This has a number of parameters such as e.g. Emission standards, differences in temperature, insurance classes ect.

Does chiptuning shorten the life of the engine?
That depends on the modification of tuning. If no limits are exceeded, and is the driving of the customer "normal", no increase of abrasion can be expected.

Is chiptuning possible with my vehicle?
Almost all diesel and turbo vehicles as well as some gasoline engines without Turbo can be chip-tuned. If you wish more detailed information on a particular vehicle, choose a vehicle in the box of our vehicle list. If your vehicle does not appear in the list simply contact us by mail or telephone.

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