Nobert Siedler

Date of birth: 29.12.1982
Place of residence: Oberau, Wildschönau (AT)
Height: 5.9 feet
Weight: 157 lbs
Philosophy of life: "There is no such thing as impossible."

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Sascha Halek

Date of birth: 05.12.1988
Place of residence: Seyring (AT)
Height: 6.2 feet

Weight: 203 lbs

Philosophy of life: "Go hard or go home."
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Peter Ebner

Date of birth: 24.09.1971
Place of residence: Wolfsberg  (AT)
Height: 5.9 feet

Weight: 150 lbs

Philosophy of life: "Being first requires arriving."

Jürgen Daum

Date of birth: 29.01.1967
Place of residence: Berg (CH)
Height: 5.8 feet

Weight: 180 lbs
Philosophy of life: "Live positive and win!"

Marko Klein

Date of birth: 15.07.1977
Place of residence: Voitsberg (AT)
Height: 5.8 feet
Weight: 163 lbs

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Holger Baumgartner

Date of birth: 10.07.1979
Place of residence: Kapfenberg  (AT)
Height: 5.9 feet

Weight: 159 lbs

Philosophy of life: "Won't work - is not possible."


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Lukas Schreier

Date of birth:10.07.1995

Place of residence: Augsburg (DE)

Height: 6.2 feet

Gewicht: 181 lbs
Lebensmotto: "If everything is under control... you're just not fast enough."
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