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Since more than 10 years the team ZaWotec is very successful in professional motorsport. We’ve started as team members in different series like the formula 3, the A1-GP, the formula BMW junior, the DTM (under Audi Sport team Rosberg), as well as the historic formula 1. After we’ve gained enough knowledge and experience in different series, we’ve decided to start our own racing team.

In the year of 2010 our new founded team ZaWotec sportfahrer motorsport had several successes. We were able to win the overall championship in class N at the sport auto Tuner GP and had a second place with the KTM X-Bow.

We grew to a confident Team. Throughout the whole season of the KTM X-Bow Battle we had one own race cart o coordinate, as well as three private racing teams. The engagement of the whole team and all the drivers was rewarded with the Austrian National Championship in class 1 with Marko Klein, the Austrian National Championship in class 2 with Sebastian Grunert and the Austrian National Vice-Championship in the Porsche Alpenpokal Supersport ECE with Jürgen Daum.

We decided to take part in the Porsche Alpenpokal with Marko Klein and were able to receive the overall win within the GT challenge. The Team ZaWotec assisted several teams and drivers throughout the whole season of the challenge. (Sascha Halek: GTC-3 Vice Champion & GT challenge overall third; Heinz Halek: group winner in his Porsche 996; Michael Wretschko: Vice-Champion KTM X-Bow Battle).

Our ambitious team decided to take the next step into another dimension of motorsports – the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany. With strong partners and sponsors we are taking part in one of the most competitive one-make cups in the world. The management of the team is still not changing. A few Top 10 positions exceeded our already high expectations.

ZaWotec takes part at the Porsche Carrera Cup for the second year. Marko Klein and Lukas Schreier (who in fact is the youngest driver ever started in the Carrera Cup Germany) will start as the drivers. Furthermore Daniel Uckermann and Jürgen Daum will take part in the 24h series with their adapted 997 CUP. They’ll take part long distance races in Barcelona and Dubai. In the middle of 2014 Marko Klein left the Team ZaWotec and made up space for Norbert Siedler. In his first home race he was able to catch the pole position. Moreover ZaWotec addended the Porsche Supercup on the Red Bull Ring when the first Formula 1 GP for over ten years was taking place.
The Team ZaWotec and their exceptional spirit were growing from year to year – and this is what makes us to one of the youngest and most successful Porsche teams in Europe.

In September 2014 we were taking part in our first 24 hours race at Barcelona. Within the 997er class we we’re able to secure the third place. We are very proud and will take part in many more long distance races.


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